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Liability Insurance

Offering protection for you and your business from financial losses due to legal claims made against you.

business people walking up stairs in office building

Employers Liability Insurance

Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement if your business has employees. The policy provides protection for employers against legal claims made by employees who have suffered injury, illness, or disease as a result of their work.

It covers the costs of legal defense and any damages awarded, ensuring that employers can meet their legal obligations and protect their financial future. In the unfortunate event that something like this was to happen, it is important to make sure you are well protected against this risk. 

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Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is a type of business insurance that provides coverage for compensation or legal expenses if a member of the public or customer claims they have suffered personal injury or property damage due to your work. This coverage applies whether the incident occurs on your premises or while your employees are off-site, and helps protect your business from unforeseen costs.

Despite taking all the necessary precautions, accidents can still occur. Any business, whether you're a sole trader working with tools or a small business owner, can still be subject to compensation claims that can be stressful and result in significant costs in terms of time and money. That's why you should make sure you have the right cover in place to shield your business from significant financial damage. 

Contractors Liability Insurance

RMK can provide contractors with a Contractors' Liability policy, which offers a range of coverage options tailored to specific trades.

As a contractor, you know that accidents can happen on the job. Whether you work in construction, plumbing, electrical, or any other trade, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. That's where our Contractors Liability Insurance comes in.

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Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage that occurs as a result of your business operations. It can also cover legal fees and expenses associated with a lawsuit.

Any business owner, contractor, or individual who provides products or services to others can benefit from liability insurance. It is especially important for small business owners who may not have the financial resources to cover the costs of a lawsuit.