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What is Accountants Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Accountants professional indemnity insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage for accounting professionals to help protect against the cost of legal action if a client claims there is a problem with guidance you gave or a problem with your work. 

Accountants and chartered professional may find professional indemnity insurance to be particularly important as their work involves providing services or advice, which can carry a higher risk of disagreements. As an accountant, you're a specialist in your field and provide professional services. However, even the most skilled professionals make mistakes which can pose risks to your business. At RMK, we understand these risks and are able to advise you with the most appropriate professional indemnity insurance that can provide you with the necessary protection. 

Cover includes civil liability and is on an any one claims basis rather than an aggregate basis. This means there can be any number of claims in any one policy year. Cover also includes awards made by any Ombudsman appointed pursuant to the provisions of the Financial Services Markets Act 2000 are also included.

Aside from Accountants professional indemnity insurance, we can also assist with Tax/VAT investigation insurance for your clients which includes IR35 investigations. Please contact us for details.

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